Worship at CFC

We are blessed and thankful to have a multi-generational and multi-cultural group of people from all over the world who love to worship and serve God. We express this through singing songs, playing instruments, giving offerings, and reading the Word of God. We believe worship can be a part of our everyday lives, wherever we are. At school, at work, at the grocery store.. you don't need to be in a church building to worship God!


We believe in the Bible and we preach it. We also do our best to equip the church to live out the Bible. We believe that the Bible is more than just a good book - it's God's word and it's relevant for us today. It gives us guidance, comfort, direction, correction, encouragement, peace, strategies, and so much more.  


Sunday mornings are also a great opportunity to receive prayer and pray for each other. We were not designed to do this life in isolation - and sometimes life can be hard. 

Usually at the end of the sermon we provide a time and space for prayer. If the sermon spoke to you, if you have a physical, spiritual, mental or emotional need, we believe that God can meet you and change your situation! If you feel comfortable, one of our pastors or leaders would love to pray for you.


(This has been on hold due to Covid. We hope to begin this again when regulations allow.)   Join us after the morning service for a time to connect. You are welcome to have coffee or tea and a snack while you connect with other people or meet the pastors and leaders.