Here are a few stories from people in our church and how God has impacted their lives. What's your story? We would love to hear about it!

amanda & Merrill

After many years of spiraling downward in addiction, our family was hurting and broken.  We distracted ourselves from the pain with alcohol, drugs, blame and resentment.  At the time of our family's greatest need, Jesus revealed His grace and mercy; first to one family member, and then to the rest of the family.  Within a year we decided as a family to be baptized in the name of Jesus.  His power has brought love, acceptance, forgiveness, abundant blessing and a joy for living to our family. He revealed His strength in our weakness.

braydon's story

don's STORY

Despite a childhood full of challenges and setbacks (I was born with a condition called hydrocephalus, have had thoughts of suicide, was diagnosed with depression and anxiety), the Lord has seen fit to shower me with talents, successes, and fulfilled dreams. Where I had low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness before, I now find myself successful, hopeful and enthusiastic for my future.

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Kunle & Mercy


I gave my heart to the lord at the age of seven. I knew at such a young age this was the best thing I could ever do - but following God still has its challenges. Feelings of loneliness washed over me and desires to seek approval from a worldly perspective. God quickly showed me that this was wrong. He told me that if I get into a close relationship with Him, those feelings of loneliness and desires to please others would leave me. I realized that God will always be there in every chapter of my life, standing right next to me. He wants me to focus on Him and not the world around me.


Joanna's story

I surrendered my life to Jesus at age 16. My desires quickly changed - I stopped drinking, stealing, gossiping or seeking after approval from people. I was immediately flooded with peace and joy and I have felt God's guidance every day since. I'm amazed by the journey He has taken me on, the places I've gone and the people I've met. I also know that even when life is hard - God is with me, for better or for worse! Living for Him brings more satisfaction and pleasure than anything else in this world can offer.



I always felt like there was something more out there (God) but couldn’t figure out how to interact with Him or hear from Him. I feared that God had forgotten me and I often felt alone and scared - even at church. When I was 21 years old and living in Canada, I finally had my encounter with the true gospel of Christ Jesus and the person of the Holy Spirit. I found a new life and more importantly, He found me.

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